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Skin Treatments
Laser Vein Treatment 1TX

Intense pulse light that uses different wavelengths of light to treat sun spots, pigmentations, and broken capillaries.

Level 1 Peel

FSR 1tx

Level 1 Peel

Level 1 Peel

Level 2 Peel

Intensif MN 1tx

Level 2 Peel

Divine Facial 1TX

Divine Facial TX

EMed Buttocks TX

EMed Chest TX


EMed FFwNeck TX

EMed Full Eyes TX

EMed Full Face TX

EMed Neck TX

EMed Stomach TX

EMed Thighs TX

EMed Upper Arms TX


Intensif MN TX

Intra Oral 1TX

Intra Oral TX

Laser Vein TX

Level 2 lift

Level 2 peel

Micro Facial 1TX

Micro Facial TX

Microdermabrasion 1TX

Microdermabrasion TX

O2 Lift Facial 1TX

O2 Lift Facial TX

Photofacial Face TX

Photofacial Hands 1TX

Photofacial Spot 1TX

Skin Tighten EndyMed

Using the 3 Deep technology, we can now tighten skin in areas that have lost that elasticity or have been stretched by pregnancy or weight gain.

Spot and Vein removal

IPL or Photofacial Services can be done on face, back, hands, legs....and all places that the sun touches. Remove sun damage and spider veins in this treatment

Stretch Mark Buttock 1TX

Stretch Mark Buttock TX

Stretch Mark Stomach 1TX

Stretch Mark Stomach TX

Stretch Mark Thighs 1TX

Stretch Mark Thighs TX

Botox Injection

Dermal Filler

Loss of volume in your face from weight loss or aging can be improved, no down time, and leave the appointment looking younger.

Hyperdydrosis Injection

Non-surgical procedures
Incontalase/Intimalase 1TX

Incontalase/Intimalase TX

Hair Removal
Abdomen LHR 1TX

Abdomen LHR TX

Areola LHR 1TX

Areola LHR TX

Bikini Line LHR 1TX

Bikini Line LHR TX

Brazilian LHR 1TX

Brazilian LHR TX

Buttocks LHR 1TX

Buttocks LHR TX

Cheeks LHR 1TX

Cheeks LHR TX

Chest LHR 1TX

Chest LHR TX

Chin LHR 1TX


Ext Bikini LHR 1TX

Ext Bikini LHR TX

Feet LHR 1TX


Full Arms LHR 1TX

Full Arms LHR TX

Full Back LHR 1TX

Full Back LHR TX

Full Face LHR 1TX

Full Face LHR TX

Full Legs LHR 1TX

Full Legs LHR TX

Full Monty LHR 1TX

Full Monty LHR TX

Half Arms LHR 1TX

Half Arms LHR TX

Half Back LHR 1TX

Half Back LHR TX

Half Leg LHR 1TX

Half Leg LHR TX

Hands LHR 1TX

Hands LHR TX

LHR Consultation

Consultation and test patch to assess if laser hair removal is a good service for you.

Midline LHR 1TX

Midline LHR TX

Neck LHR 1TX


Shoulders LHR 1TX

Shoulders LHR TX

Underarms LHR 1TX

Underarms LHR TX

Upper Lip LHR 1TX

Upper Lip LHR TX

Dr.Jay Haubrich

Fotona's Nightlase therapy is a non-invasive, patient-friendly laser treatment for improving the quality of a patient's sleep.

Arctic Peel

Laser skin rejuvenation that is performed without anesthetic or downtime using a cooling device to keep the patient comfortable throughout the procedure. It removes the superficial layers of skin, leaving a smoother, softer complexion underneath. similar to microdermabrasion, but the results are much more dramatic. A single session of the Arctic Peel might provide the same type of results as five microdermabrasion treatments, with little or no discomfort or downtime.

Full Eye Profractional

Full Face Profrac including Eyes

Medical Botox Injection

Laser Mole Removal

Lower Eye Profrac

Profrac Cheeks 1TX

Profrac Chin 1TX

Profrac Forehead 1TX

Profrac Upper Eyelids 1TX

Profractional Full Face WOE 1TX

Spot TX Profrac

Dissolve Filler

Filler 0.05cc

Filler 0.1cc

Filler 3 Quarter Syringe

Filler Half Syringe

Filler Quarter Syringe

Follow Up


Injections Consultation

Laser Mole Removal Touch Up

Medical Form Fee

MM Rewal Consult

Nightlase Anti-Snoring TX

Profrac Lip 1TX

Spot TCA Peel

Steroid Injection

TCA Peel

Touch up

Divine Interventions

Clean up those clogged pores and improve the look of your skin. Manual extractions.

Make-up Application

Event Special
Alicia Chin

Auction 1

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Kesa Cyr

Shelby Sveum

Zebra raffle ticket

Nicole Ferguson

Post-Holiday o2 Facial Special 1tx